petrol concrete vibrator Used to consolidate cement and remove all the trapped air bubbles to give you the toughest cement possible, widely used in construction, transportation, water conservancy, port, mine and metallurgy, etc.. It is transmitted by flexible shaft, speed increased through planet structure, then gain high frequent vibration It can be adapted to every type of application, concrete poker vibrator for sale china vibrator heads and shafts can be easily combined and rapidly exchanged to match the right equipment to the job

1.The ZN Series concrete vibrator is an immersion type vibrator. During operation,the vibrating poker that is attached to the vibrator has to be immersed into the concrete .The poker has an eccentric vibrating element inside it . 2. The vibrator incorporates off-centered weights into the 18000rpm electric motor to generate high frequency vibration . Via the flexible tube,the vibrator transmits the vibration to the poker via the flexible tube .It is spun as much as 12000 times per minute,which makes it easy to cause resonance with the poured concrete .

Advantages of concrete vibrator

1, ZN25, ZN35 mainly used for building reinforced dense Ф50 difficult to insert the head cross bar, 90 ° tendons dense clouds of concrete materials mining environment. 2, ZN50 vibration rods leading products, its main advantages are: widely used for a variety of industrial and mining environment in concrete vibration compacting operation, hose fittings at the construction site of the hose to facilitate maintenance. 3, the main advantage ZN50C vibrator is: hose fittings radially pressed by the expansion and contraction of the joint end face was in the R state income, effectively prevent mix reinforced hose fittings, widely used in the current density of thin-walled and reinforced walls body section and small types of environmental conditions. 4, the advantages of ZN50CS vibrator is: double braided hose steel wire tensile properties of the hose more stable, if you use more than 10m longer rod, an increase in the coupling head locating bearing on the deep mining or column to better adapt to the Electric Concrete Vibrator for sale environment sex, locating bearing can effectively prevent hoses and concrete due to the gravitational attraction force generated leads to effective use of vertical shaft coupled to the motor plug push down the anti-vibration bars sagging effect block. 5, the advantages ZN70G, ZN70T vibrator is: large, medium-sized infrastructure projects, medium-sized section piles, beams compacting concrete construction materials.

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